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If you’re pregnant - Congratulations! I'm sure you already know that if you want to experience a safe, calm and gentle birth, you can't just cross your fingers and hope for the best, you need to be prepared.

And, because you're here, I'm willing to bet that...

✔️ You're invested in providing only the best for your baby now, and in their future.

✔️ You don't want to leave anything up to chance - you are dedicated to being as well informed and empowered as you possibly can be.

✔️ You probably know that your mindset plays a powerful role in creating your experiences, so you want to make sure your mind and body are aligned, so you can have the best birth possible.

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Being well prepared for birth can also benefit you and your baby in the following ways...

↠  Birthing can be less painful

Through practicing and applying the techniques, you will learn to be in a state of calm relaxation, with your mind / body connection working in harmony.

This will remove the fear-tension-pain syndrome.

In the state of aligned relaxation, endorphins are released which are two hundred times more potent than morphine at blocking sensations of pain.

When endorphins are flowing within your body, birth becomes more comfortable, often even pain-free, for both you and your baby. You will also be minimising the risk of pelvic floor damage.

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↠  The length of your birth can be shorter

When you are allowing your body to open, (rather than fighting against it) your uterine muscles have lots of space to work, as they are perfectly designed. 

This shortens the first and second-phases of labor by several hours, allowing you to utilise your natural reflexes to breath your baby down to crowning, rather than pushing for long, exhausting lengths of time. 

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↠  You can reduce your chance of needing medical intervention

Being tense and in fear causes your birthing muscles to pull against each other, making birth a lot more painful and slowing it down. This often leads to medical intervention to move things along. Hypnobirthing reduces the need for anaesthesia, episiotomy and other interventions.

Deep breathing prevents the risk of hyperventilation from “shallow” breathing.

↠  Your baby can experience a positive start to life

While in utero, your baby is preparing for life in the outside world. In fact, some neuroscientists believe that 50% of your baby's personality is being developed before they are born. When you feel relaxed and positive about your upcoming birth, your baby will be too. You are giving them the message that the world is a safe and happy place. This allows them to ease into life happier and more calm, with nothing to fear.

After birth, hypnobirthing babies tend to have a higher than average APGAR scores, are calm, alert and able to feed well.

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↠  You'll feel like Superwoman

When you experience the strength of your body opening and you allow yourself to trust and relax, you will have less fatigue and more energy when you receive your baby, and you can say - "I did it!" There is no other feeling quite like it. It's a moment you will cherish forever. 

As an extra bonus your recovery after birth will be faster and postnatal discomfort and depression will be greatly minimised, if not eradicated completely.

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↠ Your birth partner will be an essential part of your birth, not just an onlooker.

Whether your partner is your husband, partner, friend or relative, they will be well equipped with techniques to support you, every step of the way.

Dads say they feel more confident during birth and in their new role as fathers, allowing them to be hands on right from the start.


Auckland Hypnobirthing Mum, Amber says...

"Honestly, my birth was ten out of ten! I had my husband, my mum, my doggy Astro, our incredible midwife and I was in my home where I felt safe and relaxed."

A Note from Claire...

I experienced the amazing benefits of hypnobirthing first hand when I gave birth to our second baby Oli.

This has driven my passion to help other women to believe in themselves and their natural ability to give birth safely and easily. I absolutely love supporting parents who feel anxious about the upcoming birth of their baby to feel calm, empowered and excited.

Here is the video of his birth...

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“Hypnobirthing is not as wacky as the name suggests! It is about taking control of the birthing experience and visualising the birth that you want.  

Before the classes my perceptions of birth were all negative.  I had assumed that it would be a painful distressing experience.

Your classes have totally changed this view and made me realise that we can take control of the birth to make it a positive experience.”

Adam Sharman
First Time Hypnobirthing Dad

“Hypnobirthing is a course that gives you tools to focus internally to understand what’s happening to your body during pregnancy and birth.

After coming along to the classes I’m now feeling calm and empowered about the choice to birth naturally.

We now have the tools to support the process by staying calm and allowing my body to do what it was designed to do”

Second Time Hypnobirthing Mum

 Unlike standard antenatal classes,
The Natural Birth Toolbox …

↠  Teaches you how to birth.

You will learn what your body is doing during birth and exactly what to do to work with it. 

When you are properly prepared for birth, your body is free to birth more comfortably and gently as nature intended.

↠  Champions you to be empowered.

You will discover how to gain the support of your birthing team so that everyone is working from the same page.

↠  Teaches you tools for life.

After the workshop, you will both have a set of life long techniques to help calm, relax and focus. These tools can be used effectively during times of stress – many couples have reported that this has been has been invaluable during the early years with baby.


“Imagine what might happen if women emerged from their labor beds with a renewed sense of the strength and power of their bodies and of their capacity for ecstasy through giving birth”


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“I was a bit concerned before about how we would deal with the birth and also how involved and useful I would be.  

I now feel so much better and have seen a big change in both of our attitudes to birth and I know that I have an important part to play.  

HypnoBirthing has taught me a new way of understanding birth that is about relaxing, being natural and removing the pain / fear focus that we were all brought up to believe is inevitable.  

Your course created a great atmosphere of reassurance and support with excellent information.  I’m convinced that our birth will be much better for it.”

First Time Hypnobirthing Dad

Birthing with confidence and calm is the innate birthright of everyone, including you and your baby.

With the time tested toolbox, you will have all you need.