Samantha Walton

021 073 3801

Hello and congratulations on your pregnancy! I am privileged to work with women who are planning to birth at home or Birthcare Parnell. 

I strive to support women to empower themselves, by growing your knowledge, and supporting you to trust your body to grow, birth and nourish a healthy newborn.

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My philosophy is to provide holistic care that empowers women and whānau to have a positive pregnancy, birthing, and parenting experience. I take a small monthly caseload allowing me to give time and space to support you throughout your journey from pregnancy into mothering.
I believe wellness of mind and soul are equally as important as physical health, and strive to help women to find this.
I have two clinic spaces, a Tuesday afternoon at Birthcare Parnell, and Thursday morning at Mama Maternity in Sandringham. I work with a like-minded midwife Georgia Faessen, and we work together to cover each other's days off call.
If you are planning to birth your baby either at home or Birthcare, phone or text me on 0210733801 Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm. It is important to me that we find the right fit, so I am happy to meet with/phone you.
If you live outside of the areas I cover and are planning a homebirth, feel free to get in touch - these areas can be negotiated.