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Kia ora. I am an experienced healthcare practitioner, with a nursing background of 30 years.  I have supported babies, children and adults in both hospital and community, and for acute and long-term conditions.

Over the years I have grown to appreciate the many different aspects, of what contributes to holistic wellness. I know that becoming a mother of three made me realise just how important this is.

I’m a passionate advocate of self-care for women – particularly during the incredible journey of motherhood.

Gentle massage therapy and reflexology are so beautifully nourishing and wonderful additions for your wellbeing (whether it be experienced pre, ante or postnatally). Both are safe modalities, however it’s best to discuss this with your LMC first.  As I’m an experienced healthcare practitioner, I’m very happy to work collaboratively with your main practitioner if need be. 

The benefits of both practices are many, some of which are:

  • Relief of musculoskeletal tension
  • Reduced swelling, through greater lymphatic drainage
  • Induce a deep sense of relaxation
  • Support the immune system
  • Can reduce symptoms of sciatica discomfort
  • Endorphin release (those ‘feel good’ hormones)
  • Greater oxygenation of tissues
  • Enhance sleep
  • Reduce stress or anxiety
  • And just having some precious time for you!

I invite you to make contact, to see how I may be of support for you. 

Kelly Woods 

8 Brixton Road, Mt Eden

021 847 217

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